Succeeding at the highest levels of competitive fishing requires intense drive—and doing so with a boat that merely suffices isn’t good enough. To lead the pack, you need an aggressively-designed craft that brings unexpected moves to the race. A top-performing boat that rewards its driver with an unobstructed view of the goal ahead while leaving competitors in its wake. A powerful boat of admirable quality, precise fit and finish, and unmatched fishability that accelerates you to the top of the leaderboard in style.


Triton® builds the very highest quality performance fiberglass fishing boats, with models designed for championship bass fishing, hardcore walleye angling, inshore angling, and family recreation. And our premium, all-welded aluminum boats give you the advantage whether you’re on the lake, bayou, or bay.


Choosing, buying, and owning a Triton is easy. When you do, you’ll stand proud knowing that you’ve invested in a boat that’s built to fish, built to perform, and built to last. Because Triton is always one step ahead of its rivals—and that’s why it’s the driving force of performance fishing.



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